Google Is Designing Its Own Chip For Future Chromebook And Pixel Phones

Google is designing its own chip for its future Chromebook and Pixel phone. And according to the report, Google has made significant progress in that direction. An earlier report suggested that Google will use a custom version of Samsung made Exynos processer but according to the new report, Google will be releasing the chip under its name. 

The chip will be made in a collaboration with Samsung. The code name of the upcoming chip is ‘Whitechapel’ and it will use the 5nm process. It will be an octa-core ARM processor with two ARM Cortex-A78 cores, two Cortex-A76 cores, and four Cortex-A55 cores. Samsung has plenty of experience in this sector as they produce their own Exynos chip and also Apple’s iPhone chips. 

Google already has a working version of the chips but they will be production-ready until next year means you could see the chip first in Pixel 6 smartphone. But the version which will power the Chromebook will take more time. 

As we have seen with the Pixel line up Google goes big when it comes to machine learning and AI. So chipset will be optimized for AI and Machine Learning. It will also have features that will improve the performance and “always-on” capabilities of Google Assistant. 

This is a big step not just for Google but also for other companies too. This move will help Google better compete with Apple who is making its own chip for long. And it will be a big loss for Qualcomm because they are supplying chips for current Pixel phones. But we have to keep in mind that Chip design and manufacturing is a lengthy and complicated process. Not to mention that creating an optimized and fast chip is not an easy task. We will have to keep an eye on this to see how Google handles the whole process.

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