Amazon Launches Ad-Supported Version Of Amazon Music Only Echo User

Amazon today launched their free ad-supported version of  Amazon Music but only for Echo user as reported earlier.

This new version will give access to a selection of ad-supported top playlist and songs for Echo user. Now they don’t have to rely on the third party solution like Spotify. Spotify is the only mainstream music-streaming provider who has both free, ad-supported version and a subscription-based ad-free version.

Previously the only way to access Prime Music was to buy Prime membership which has Prime Music bundled in or they could pay $3.99 per month to stream from Amazon Music Unlimited or $9.99/month to stream on non-Echo devices, as well.

Amazon wants to broaden their music streaming platform by offering this free tier. It will help them to compete against market leader Spotify. Amazon Music has a big catalog of music. The Prime Music has a over 2 million songs while the Amazon Music Unlimited has 50 million songs.

Currently, Amazon has over 10 million active Music consumer and Amazon Music is a fast-growing business in Amazon. This new addition will give a taste of Amazon Music to the Echo user and that can potentially higher the number of paid Amazon Music user.

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