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AMD Launches RDNA Architecture For NAVI GPUs

AMD RDNA architecture

AMD teased their upcoming 7nm based NAVI GPU in Computex. Apart from it being made on the 7nm processing node, a new architecture called RDNA will introduce with NAVI GPUs. So it will be the first non-GCN architecture GPU.

What’s Exciting About RDNA

So now you may ask what is new about this new RDNA architecture. Is it just a new name only to make people excited. Well according to AMD this new RDNA architecture have significant performance improvement over the old GCN architecture. AMD says the new architecture can provide up to 1.25x performance per clock and 1.5x performance per watt compared to the previous Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

Not only that this new architecture will feature improved efficiency as well as a new multi-level cache hierarchy. This will reduce latency and increase available bandwidth. And it will also consume less power than the last generation. It will increase the clock speed. That means AMD is also thinking about the competitive GPUs which generally have more clock speed than AMD’s.

This new architecture will also overcome some of the limitations of GCN architecture like the 4096 SP limit. So finally AMD can push their GPUs to the next level. RDNA architecture also supports PCIe 4.0. That means it is also future proof.

Honestly speaking those are some of the exciting numbers. If AMD can pull out much performance in real-world scenarios then it is a big opportunity for them to grab significant market share.


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