Apple Starts Assembling iPhone SE (2020) in India

Made in India iPhone SE

Apple has started assembling iPhone SE (2020) in India. iPhone SE (2020) launched almost four months ago as the much-awaited upgrade over the original iPhone SE. iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone available in India which accounts for one-third of the iPhone sale in India.

iPhone SE will be assembled in the  Wistron facility in Karnataka. This story comes after a few days after it was reported that Apple will be making their upcoming flagship iPhone 12 in India. Local manufacturing of iPhone SE will enable Apple to avoid 20% import duty in India. Although Apple still has to pay taxes on the individual part that will be imported. 

In a statement, Apple said that “iPhone SE packs our most powerful chip into our most popular size at our most affordable price and we’re excited to be making it in India for our local customers.”

There is no timeline when this assembled in India iPhone SE will hit the market. But given the past record, we can hope to see these iPhone SE soon in the coming few weeks.

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