Apple Will Release iPhone With Both Face Id and Touch Id Fingerprint Recognition In 2021

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report that Apple will release the iPhone with both Face Id and Touch Id fingerprint recognition in 2021. He believes that Apple will implement Touch Id as an under-display form. The move could see Apple follow Samsung’s use of Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S10.

Kuo thinks it’s likely that Apple will also use a variant of Qualcomm’s technology. He thinks that Apple will over the technological challenges in the next 18 months which will enable Apple to deliver the high-tier experience it strives for in its devices.

Current technological challenges are launching fingerprint-under-display components include power consumption, size of the sensing area, the thickness of the sensing module, and the production yield rate of the lamination process.

The patent covers an ‘acoustic imaging system’ that uses waves under the iPhone’s display to scan a fingerprint pressed on the screen.

Apple ditched Touch Id 2017 in iPhone X for a bigger screen to body ratio. It is very crucial for Apple to implement all this flawlessly. That’s why Apple is taking so much time than other companies to bring this feature on their devices.

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