Cloudflare’s Free Warp VPN Is Now Available To All

Cloudflare finally released their free Warp VPN addon to their DNS resolver. Earlier April this year Cloudflare announce the service but it took them almost five months to implement the service. 

WARP is a mobile app designed for everyone which uses Cloudflare’s global network to secure all of their phone’s Internet traffic. But you can’t use this to spoof your location. You have to use another VPN to spoof your location to do something like watching other country’s version of Netflix. 

Warp vs WARP Plus

Warp is the free version of the VPN. Even though it is free it still doesn’t have any limitations. Cloudflare said that their vision is to make every single phone secure and making money isn’t their priority. 

But if you want better speed and more security then Warp Plus is for you. It is the paid version of Cloudflare’s VPN. It uses Cloudflare’s Argo technology to route your traffic through faster, less congested and secure routes through the internet. Warp Plus will cost you $4.99/month in the US or less in other regions like it only costs 69 rupees ($1) in India. 

If you have joined the wishlist like the other two million people then you will get 10GB of Warp Plus. If you recently switched phones, though, you might be out of luck — Cloudflare says your waitlist number was tied to your individual device. You can earn 1GB of free WARP Plus for every person you share WARP with. And everyone you refer also gets 1GB of WARP Plus for free as well. There is no limit on how much WARP Plus data you can earn by sharing.


In my testing, I have not found any bottleneck in the speed. Although it might change in future as more people started using it. And the Warp Plus is slightly faster than the free version but right now that is almost unnoticeable. But as I said earlier it may change over the course of time.

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