Facebook’s Redesigned Desktop Website Finally Starts Rolling Out To Everyone

Over the years we have seen many changes to the Facebook desktop site. But last year on F8 Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced they will introduce a redesigned desktop website in the coming months for a fast and better experience. It took more time than expected but Facebook has started rolling out its redesigned desktop website to all of its users. 

Last October Facebook started testing the new design outside the company employee and from March 2020 it was available for more people for testing. In this design, the biggest feature is Dark Mode. But there are other significant changes too. Facebook has adapted trending design language in their new desktop sites like a rounded corner in images and UI elements (border-radius in a web-dev sense) or the top bar having access to the website’s home, watch marketplace, groups, and gaming pages.

According to Facebook, the new site will also speed up loading times between pages, and fresh posts on your home feed should appear faster than before. I have got the new design back in February and in my own experience, I liked the newer design better. It looks better in higher resolution devices than the previous one. 

If you don’t get the newer design update then you can expect it to come pretty soon as Facebook has said they will roll out the newer design to everyone in the coming weeks. For now, if you don’t like the new design you can roll back to the classic design from the drop-down menu. But keep one thing in mind that it may not be around forever.

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