Raptor Lake Motherboards have Intel Ethernet Controller Issue

Intel 700 series Raptor Lake motherboard’s included onboard the Intel I226-V ethernet controller have design issues. As reported by Techpowerup, this design flaw is creating connection drops in the 2.5 Gbps ethernet port. I226-V is a cost-effective 2.5 Gbps ethernet controller offered by Intel. It is the successor to the I225-V 2.5 Gbps controller which also had issues running at full speed but that could have been mitigated by running at a lower 1Gbps speed. 

Intel I226-V is the default 2.5GbE for many premium 700 series Raptor Lake motherboards. Although I226-V drops in connections do not last long and are quick to be solved, they can be noticeable when gaming, large file downloads, and some conference calls. If you have the same controller then you can if you are affected by opening Windows Event Viewer, navigating to “Windows Logs,” “System” and searching for the “e2fnexpress” file and looking for both Event 27 and Event 32 error mentions.

Currently, no firmware update is available to solve this issue.  TechPowerUp tried forcing the I226-V controller to operate at 1 Gbps, but that didn’t completely solve the problem.

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