Samsung is Building ARM-Based Exynos Processors for Windows PCs

Samsung is going Apple’s way for its next-generation laptops. Samsung is believed to be building a new Exynos processor whose role would be specifically to be installed on Windows PCs.  According to tipster, @MauriQHD, the chip meant for Windows computers will be based on the upcoming Exynos 1000 SoC.

Samsung already has a PC-optimized version of the Exynos 990, but the South Korean tech giant thinks that it might not be good enough to power a full-fledged Windows machine. Samsung will be the first company to use its very own ARM chip to build a Windows PC.

ARM-based Exynos 1000  could be called Exynos 1. The Exynos 1000-based chipset for Windows could be built using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process and it could use the Cortex-X1 CPU core that was recently announced. There’s a chance that a future version of the Galaxy Book would run on such a new processor.

Currently, only Qualcomm sells ARM-based processors for Windows PCs. Samsung’s entry in the department may see competition and that may lead to the development of this technology. Samsung joining the Windows 10 on ARM push can only be good news for Microsoft.

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