Telegram Adds in-App Video Editor, Two-Step Verification and More

Instant messaging app Telegram has brought many features in its new update. One of the most interesting one being the in-app video editor and two-step verification process. Other features includes are animated stickers, speaking GIFs. 

New video enhancement features would enable users to tweak videos in just two taps. Users will be able to tweak parameters like saturation, brightness, and a zoom-in option while drawing. 

Now users will be able to add animated stickers to any video or photos they want. Animated stickers are a new addition to the instant messaging platform. Telegram has also updated its GIF panel with the addition of a ‘Trending’ section and emoji-based tabs. The GIF loading time has also been improved so it should be faster now. Telegram has also added new speaking GIFs for user chat experience enhancement.

Telegram has enhanced its security in its latest update. Telegram has added Two-step verification for its users. To activate this new security feature, the user can click on the Privacy and Security option and enable a Two-step verification security lock. Users need to set-up a new password by entering it twice followed by a password hint. 

This feature would be responsible to protect the app data and securing accounts from cloning in the future. Now onward if this Two-step authentication password is enabled on a given account, anyone trying to log-in from a new device that person needs to know the password, along with the OTP,” the company said in a statement. 

Telegram has also provided a new Cache memory management tool directly to clean-up temporary memory as per the user’s requirement. Users can go to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage usage to see how much storage is used by the files from Telegram divided into segments like Photos, Documents, Music, Voice/ Video messages, Animated stickers, and other files. 

If you clear cache memory it will only delete unnecessary files that can later be downloaded from the Telegram cloud. A user can also clear the local database where texts of cached messages will be compressed to save space on the internal disk.

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