Amazon, Flipkart, And Others To Resume Complete Operations From April 20

From the 24th of March India went under a 21 days lockdown. That’s why major e-commerce player in India including Amazon and Flipkart temporarily stop their operation in the country and later they started delivering only essential items. Now according to a new Government guideline, these eCommerce sites can start delivering non-essential items from April 20th. 

In a statement, the government said, “Digital economy is critical to the services sector and is important for national growth. Accordingly, e-commerce operations, operations of IT and IT-enabled services, data and call centers for Government activities, and online teaching and distance learning are all permitted activities now”.

The Minister Of Home Affair added, “All facilities in the supply chain of essential goods, whether involved in manufacturing, wholesale or retail of such goods through local stores, large brick and mortar stores or e-commerce companies should be allowed to operate, ensuring strict social distancing without any restriction on their timing of opening and closure.” 

That’s means now you can order things like smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, laptops, and stationery items. This will help e-commerce companies to recover their losses as well as those people who are associated with these companies for delivering items, will be able to earn money at this difficult moment.

Image Courtesy: Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

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