Android Q Will Support 3D Touch-Like Pressure Sensitive Actions

Four years after Apple introduced 3D touch on the iPhone 6S, Google appears to be bringing the same pressure-sensitive actions as standard in Android Q.

Currently, Android phones have similar features introduced with Oreo in the form of long press action. For this feature phones don’t need any special hardware, so it can work without pressure sensitive screen. It also be noted that Apple actually ditched 3D touch and replaced it with haptic feedback in their latest lineup.

According to the operating system’s documentation, a new functionality called Deep Press will allow users to interact with their device by pressing harder on the screen. The official description mentions it “should be used to accelerate the long press behavior,” hinting it’ll mostly be used as a replacement for long presses.

It is still unclear whether it will need a special display or not to recognize the hard press. OEMs like Samsung and Huawei are already implemented their pressure sensitive screen feature with propitiatory technology, but the functionality is limited due to lack of native support for such a feature in OS itself.

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