ByteDance Cuts Chinese Engineers’ Data Access to TikTok

TikTok has faced strong scrutiny around the world for being a Chinese company. The short video platform has faced bans, restrictions, fines. That’s why back in March ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok has decided to separate its Global business from China. Now the latest report reveals that ByteDance has blocked its China employees from accessing code bases of products available in other markets.

No official statement has given about the incident. But according to the Pingwest, employees China who develop and maintain various services of TikTok for the domestic market now don’t have access to any “sensitive data” of any product including TikTok available in other markets. 

The step comes at a time when anti-China sentiment is rising around the whole world. With the separation of Chinese and global business, ByteDance hopes that it will assure users about the privacy of their data. 

Not only this but TikTok has been taking many steps to improve its image. A few days back we have reported that ByteDance opening a corporate entity in India, TikTik’s biggest market. It is also opening a physical Transparency Center in Los Angeles to showcase it’s content moderation and data practices.


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