Chrome for Android Has a Price Tracker Now: How to Enable It

The latest v90 update for Chrome on Android has brought many features and bug fixes along with it. One of them which may not be enabled by default for you called ‘Price Tracker’. As the name suggests, this feature will alert you about price drop of the products that you will select for tracking. 

How to Enable Price Tracker

  • Open your Google Chrome app. Then go to your address bar and type chrome://flags and then search for Tab Grid Layout. Alternatively, you can just type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout on the address bar. 
  • Now tap on the dropdown menu and select Enabled Price notifications. For many users, this option might already be selected for you.
  • Now relaunch your Google Chrome app. You may have to force close it and then launch it again to see the feature. 
  • Once enabled you can access it by going into the tab switcher interface and then click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner. Now you will see a new option called Track prices


While it is good to have a price tracker inbuild into Chrome, but this feature isn’t as practical as might think. In its current form, you will need to keep the tabs of product listings open. Unless you are someone who likes to keep many tab open, this option may not useful for you right now. But of course, you can always try to see if this fits you. 

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