Chrome Remote Desktop Now Available On The Web

Google is being worked with many developers to kill Chrome Apps and replace them with the web app. So Google also replacing their own Google Chrome App with the web counterpart. One such app is Google Remote Desktop. AS the name suggests it is used to remotely connect to another computer to control or repair that computer. With the release of Google Chrome 75, Google Chrome Remote Desktop exited the beta program and available as a web app.

Previously, granting access to a desktop involved both parties downloading an app from the Chrome Web Store, and navigating through a dated interface. Now you can use Chrome Remote Desktop by going to its website. Now everything will be controlled from your browser. Although you need to download an extension locally to get help and grant access to your machine, which only works with Chrome. But if you are the one who is providing support then you don’t need to download anything.  

Now you try to access the old chrome app, it will show you a banner to use the new web-based app. Google will stop providing support for it from June 30th.

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