Corsair Says DDR5 Module Will Need Better Cooling

Watercooling for RAM now makes sense...

DDR5 RAMs are out in the market and soon you can use them in your system starting most probably from the Intel 12th gen platform later this year. Corsair already said their DDR5 module will feature unprecedented data transfer rates that start at 6400 MT/s and go all the way up to 12600 MT/s. 

But in order to achieve this speed, onboard power management ICs (PMIC) and voltage regulating modules or VRMs will be needed. So under the running conditions, these components will generate a significant amount of head. This means an adequate cooling solution will be needed. 

“DDR5 conceivably could run much hotter than DDR4 [as] they have moved voltage regulation off the motherboard itself and now it is on the [module], so you actually could be pumping a lot more heat,” George Makris, DIY marketing director at Corsair, said in a YouTube video from the company. 

Heat spreader in the RAM module already exists for DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs. But over the years many people have considered them unnecessary. But it looks like the story is going to change soon with DDR5 RAM Modules.

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