Facebook Added New Livestream Features To Meet The Demand

Due to coronavirus lockdown, people are stuck at their home. That’s why the demand for Livestream has increased exponentially. To tackle this demand Facebook has introduced some new features. Now people who don’t have a Facebook account will be able to access live streams easily. Up until now if you don’t have a Facebook account you would only be able to watch the live stream on desktop. But right you can do that in Android. The feature will be introduced in iOS in the coming days. 

Facebook has also added a new feature that will allow the live streamers to reach those people who don’t have a smartphone or a reliable mobile data connection. The feature is named as “Public Switch Telephone Network,” it will allow people to listen in on a live stream via a toll-free number, similar to calling into a conference call.

Facebook live is also getting an audio-only mode so that viewers can only listen to the streamers without watching the accompanying video. Facebook hopes that these new features will ease the surging traffic in their platform. This will help more and more people stay connected.

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