Facebook Fined $1.6 Million In Brazil Over Cambridge Analytica

It’s been almost two years, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal was disclosed. From then this nightmare still chasing Facebook. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security has imposed a  fined of 6.6 million reais or almost $1.6 million on Facebook. Brazilian Government has found Facebook guilty of share data of 4,43,000 Brazilian user in relation to Cambridge Analytica Scandal. 

The government has found ‘abusive’ use of data of those users by Facebook. “It is clear that data from the approximately 4,43,000 users of the platform were in misuse by the developers of thisisyourdigitallife application for at least questionable purposes,” concluded the Department of Consumer Protection (DPDC). According to Facebook, of the nearly 87 million people who had their data exposed, some 4,43,000 are users in Brazil and they have already been notified about what happened.

Although this a very least amount of fine Facebook has to give in compare to mammoth $5 billion fine which has been imposed by FCC earlier this year for the data breach. But this fines will not hurt Facebook financially as much as it will hurt Facebook reputation-wise.

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