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Facebook Says You Should Not Expect Privacy From Them

faceboook new privacy statement

Facebook is trying their best to establish that they have nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica Scandal. According to a report from Law360, a lawyer for Facebook argued in court that the social media site’s users “have no expectation of privacy.”

Facebook attorney Orin Snyder made the comment while defending the company against a class-action lawsuit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. According to him, “There is no invasion of privacy at all because there is no privacy,”

In an attempt to defend Facebook, Snyder said that Facebook is a “digital town square” where people voluntarily give up their private information.

He added that you need to guard something closely to have “a reasonable expectation of privacy.” However, he did try to assure that Facebook has a focus on privacy for the future. District Judge Vince Chhabria was quick to turn down Synder’s argument and said it was contrary to Facebook’s stance on privacy.

These statements from Facebook is not convincing at all when Facebook brands itself as “Innovator Of Privacy”. At a time when all major tech company is trying to safeguard user, Facebook is saying that they have no responsibility for user data. Facebook doesn’t have a good track record for privacy, now this statement of Facebook is raising the question “Are they even trying?”


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