Facebook’s Answer To Zoom, Messenger Rooms, Is Now Available

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for video calling solutions has grown exponentially. Zoom, an enterprise video chat app, soon become essential software for people who are looking for video chat solution. Now the world’s biggest social media giant Facebook wants to take a share of this rising video calling app market by offering a Zoom alternative called Messenger Room. 

Facebook has already announced it weeks ago now Messenger Rooms is rolling for everyone. Facebook Messenger Room will support up to 50 participants at a given time. There will be no time limit. Now one can create a Room in Messenger but in the future, the feature will also be available in WhatsApp and Instagram too. 

If you go over to the “People” section of Messenger, you’ll have the option to create a room. You will also have the option to set parameters like “hanging out” or “happy hour” and you will also get the option for who’s allowed in.  Facebook will alert users via a new section in the news feed or you can share the link to certain people to make it a private room. For now, those people who don’t have a Facebook account can also join the room.

“WhatsApp and Messenger are already the most popular video calling services globally, but for large groups, most of the video services out there are designed for work, not social interactions,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post. 

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