Google Argues Banning Huawei Could Be A “US National Security Risk”

Huawei is in a 90 day trial period. After that Google will not give them Android support for their new devices. So Huawei is work to bring their own OS as soon as possible. In this situation, a report from Financial Times stated that Google is actually warning US govt that Huawei’s own can create “national security risk”.

Google said that Huawei would be forced to fork Android into a “hybrid” version that would be “more at risk of being hacked, not least by China.” Google thinks that forked version will have more bugs also.  It could become a soft target for the attackers as Huawei devices won’t be able to get software updates and security patches from Google.

But Huawei phones are already banned in the US, then how can it be a security risk for the USA? Let’s try to understand this. Suppose Huawei forks Android and make a version that doesn’t have Google Play Store and Google Play Protect. So Google will not able to scan apps for malware. So installed app in Huawei could contain malware. So if any US citizen sends any sensitive information to that malware affected phone in another country, the information could be compromised.

Not only Google but also other companies are also concern about the ban. Because they can no longer continue business with the second highest selling smartphone maker, so they are also losing at a lot of money.

It should also be noted that if Huawei makes their own OS that will definitely thin Android’s dominance in the market and Google’s control over the smartphone market. Now whether Google can convince US govt to end the ban or not, time will tell. Till then stay updated with us for more Huawei related new in the future.

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