Google Messages Will Let You Auto-Delete OTP After 24 Hours

OPTs are essential these days. Whether you log in to an account or doing online transactions, you will need OTPs most of the time. After a few minutes, these OPTs are useless and nothing but clutter in your inbox. Now Google is coming up with a solution for you. Google Messages will let you automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours of receipt.

According to XDA-Developers, APK teardown of Google Messages v6.7.067 contain some strings which suggest that  Google is working on a way to delete one-time passwords after 24 hours. It appears users will be prompted on whether the app should automatically clean up for them, or if it should leave OTPs pile up.

Now it is not clear when this feature will be accessible by the users. It may be available in the next update or later. You will inform you about this once we get more information.

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