Google Will Stop Syncing Files Between Drive And Photos

Google Photos is one of the popular services of Google. Google Photos gives user free unlimited backup of photos and videos across all your devices. Till now there is a dedicated folder in drive where your backed up photos synced with the drive. From there you can access, organized and delete photos. But from July 10, when you upload a photo in Google Photos or Drive, it won’t automatically sync to each other.

As of now, actions between Drive and Photos sync automatically. That means if you upload an image to Photos it will sync with the Drive and vice versa. But if you delete an image from either of the services it will automatically delete the copy of the image from other service too. This is what users don’t want to have happened.

So from 10th July, new photos and videos from Drive won’t automatically show in Photos. Similarly, new photos and videos in Photos will not be added to the Photos folder in Drive. Photos and videos you delete in Drive will not be removed from Photos. Similarly, items you delete in Photos will not be removed from Drive.

Google is also introducing a new feature called “Upload from Drive,”. With this tool, you can manually choose photos and videos from Drive, including “Shared with Me” items, to import into Photos. Once copied, these items are not synced between the two products. Since photos and videos will no longer sync across both products, items copied in Original Quality will count towards your storage quota in both Drive and Photos.

Google’s “Backup and Sync” app on Windows and Mac will work as they are working.  Existing photos and videos that were synced between Drive and Photos will remain in their place unchanged. The “Google Photos” folder in Drive will also remain as well.

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