Home News Google Released Android 11 Developer Preview 1

Google Released Android 11 Developer Preview 1

Google Released Android 11 Developer Preview 1

First Developer Preview of Android 11 is here. Starting from Android 10 Google abandon the alphabetical desert base name. So as the expected newest version of Android will be called Android 11. This is a bit early for the first DP (Developer Preview) as Google usually released those in March. 

In Android 11 Google emphasis more on Privacy and cutting edge technology like 5G, neural network and low-latency video (like stadia). With the help of Dynamic meteredness API, app developers will able to determine where the device has unlimited 5G bandwidth or limited bandwidth so they can optimize their app for all types of data availability situations. 

Google has also added better OS support for newer types of the screen like Punch Hole or Waterfall display. With the help of new APIs now app developers can better optimize their apps for these newer types of screen. 

With the release of Android 11, Google has extended or let’s say fine-tuned the privacy features they introduced in Android 10. Users can now grant one-time permission to apps and get better protection for data on external storage. Android 11 also supports finer-grained biometric authentication, more secure data sharing and digital IDs like driver’s licenses. Now Google will review apps that access location data in the background. 

One that should be mentioned is  Google Play System Updates (Project Mainline). In Android 11, Google has added 12 new updatable modules, for a total of 22 modules. Highlights include a permissions module that standardizes user and developer access to critical privacy controls on Android devices. 

As usual this Developer Preview 1 is available for Pixel devices. You will need atleast PIxel 2 to download DP1. You can find the download links here. But you should not download this in your main device and if you don’t know what you are doing then you should not do it. This version is meant for the developers so that they can update their apps to the latest standard. You should be waiting for the stable version.


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