Google Will Stop Making Tablets, Shifts Focus On Laptop

Google has made an announcement that they will no longer make any tablet. Instead, they want to focus their resources on laptops. Google Hardware Business head, Rick Osterloh confirmed the news on Twitter.

Google spokesperson told the computer world and business insider that Google will not be making tablets any more and will focus on the laptop form factor instead. Although has confirmed that will provide support and security update to existing tablets and also to the third party tablets running Chrome OS or Android.

Google also said they were working on two more pixel tablet. But they were disappointed with the quality assurance testing results. All employees associated with those project are being shifted to other projects, mostly to the pixel book division.

But why Google stopped the development of Pixel tablets? Well, when first Pixel slate or Pixel tablet first came out about 8 months ago, it got low to medium reviews. The main problem of Pixel slate is the OS. OS is not powerful and versatile enough to complement the need of the tablet.  While the market leader iPad has got everything right when it comes to a tablet. And with the launch of iPad OS in the WWDC 2019, iPad is now more appealing to the customer. So Google decided to leave this field and focus more on the powerful Pixelbook for now.

So it is sure that we will see the successor of the Pixel Slate for any time soon or maybe we will never see that. But we can’t blame Google for that because they are mainly a software company after all.

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