Indian Govt Is Building An Coronavirus Tracking App Called CoWin-20

Coronavirus positive cases are increasing day by day in India. In this situation, India Govt has decided to build an app named CoWin-20 to track individuals and curb the community spread of coronavirus. CoWin-20 will use your location data and Bluetooth to gauge if you’ve been near a person who was infected by COVID-19. It will be determined by looking through a database of people who have been infected, as well as with one containing individuals’ travel history. This, in turn, would help the Indian government monitor the community spread of the coronavirus, and quarantine any individual who may be potentially at risk.

The CoWin-20 app is in beta now. Govt will release iOS and Android to App Store and Google Play store in the coming days. Right now Android version is being shared as the APK while users of iOS devices will be required to share their device UDIDs with the National Informatics Centre to get a unique download link of CoWin-20.  

Not only CoWin-20 will track individuals but also an information poster shared of the app by Niti Aayog states that Cowin-20 can also be used by individuals to learn about the location of coronavirus testing labs as well as quarantine centers in Indian cities. The app will provide information and safety recommendations about the COVID-19.

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