Intel Processor Shortage Is Hurting PC Sale

PC Market is seeing continuous fall down in PC sale from last September. And it is no surprise that the Intel Processor shortage makes the situation even worse. While rival AMD is gaining market share but that is not enough to save tumbling PC Market.

The two major analyst firms when it comes to PC sales, Gartner and IDC, have released their respective data on the worldwide PC market and both, unsurprisingly, observed a considerable drop in the latest quarter’s figures. While Gartner’s data shows PC shipments for the first quarter of 2019 dropped by 4.6{7612e6fcd35940926eef5d7bd8f0522b7c050df4dcd15667744be5e37897c111} year-on-year; IDC recorded a 3{7612e6fcd35940926eef5d7bd8f0522b7c050df4dcd15667744be5e37897c111} drop but both data show 58.5 million units PC shipment.

Although IDC observed that the market did perform better than forecasted, particularly on the commercial side.

Why Intel Processor Shortage Is The Main Reason:

The most interesting part of these reports, arguably, is highlighting Intel Processor shortage of the blame when it comes to the PC market slump. But why is that? Intel is doing bad but AMD is doing good. Then why is PC market tumbling? Let me break down for you. A significant part of the pc market depends on Laptop and Notebook selling. And most of the OEM of Laptop and Notebook use Intel Processor as the main option. Recently AMD is gaining market share in Laptop and Notebook market but that number is very low compared to Intel. If Intel can’t deliver the required number of the processor then it will hurt PC market a lot.

Some Statistic Of Market:

Here are Gartner’s U.S. PC market-share figures for the first quarter of 2019:

  • HP Inc.: Market share of 29.4 percent, up from 28.9 percent a year earlier
  • Dell: Market share of 28.7 percent, down from 28.9 percent a year earlier
  • Lenovo: Market share of 13.6 percent, down from 13.7 percent a year earlier
  • Apple: Market share of 13 percent, up from 12.6 percent a year earlier
  • Microsoft: Market share of 4.1 percent, up from 3.9 percent a year earlier

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