Intel Reveals Details About the Granite Rapids-D Architecture

Intel has recently revealed information about its upcoming Granite Rapids-D architecture thanks to a support document obtained by Computer Base. This new architecture belongs to the Xeon-D series, targeting the communications and network sector. It is expected to launch in 2024, approximately two years after the Ice Lake-D series. 

Architecture Overview:

The Granite Rapids-D architecture comprises two variants: HCC (High Core Count) and XCC (Extreme Core Count). Both variants will utilize the BGA-4368 socket but differ in their configurations.

HCC Variant:

The HCC variant of the Xeon-D series will feature one Granite Rapids LCC compute die and four memory channels. This variant is designed to balance core count and memory capacity, making it suitable for various applications.

XCC Variant:

The XCC variant of Granite Rapids-D incorporates one Granite Rapids HCC (High Core Count) compute die, allowing for more cores and supporting up to eight memory channels. Additionally, it features two I/O dies to provide enhanced connectivity options. The first I/O die handles PCIe Express 5.0 and 4.0 functions, CXL interface, Ethernet, and Accelerations. The second I/O die offers additional options for Ethernet and Accelerations, ensuring improved flexibility.

Intel Rapids-D Die Configuration
Image: @yuuki_ans

Implications and Applications:

The introduction of the Granite Rapids-D architecture demonstrates Intel’s focus on catering to the demands of the communications and network sector. With its high core counts, memory capacity, and expanded connectivity options, these processors are expected to be well-suited for applications in data centers, networking infrastructure, and industrial areas, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Roadmap and Release:

While Intel has not confirmed the exact release order of the Xeon Granite Rapids series, the presence of the Granite Rapids-D architecture in the official instruction set guide indicates that the company is progressing according to its roadmap. The release of the Granite Rapids-D lineup is anticipated around the end of 2024, with other variations, such as Granite Rapids-AP and Granite Rapids-SP, also expected around the same time.

Intel’s upcoming Granite Rapids-D architecture, part of the Xeon-D series, is set to bring advancements in performance and connectivity for the communications and network sector. With two variants offering different core counts, memory channels, and I/O dies, these processors will enhance various applications’ capabilities. As Intel continues to develop its roadmap, we can look forward to more information and updates on the Granite Rapids-D architecture in the coming months.

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