Lenovo Unveiled World’s First Foldable PC

Folding Phone is already the next big thing in the tech industry. For the past few months, the tech industry has been eagerly waiting for the first foldable phone to launch. Lenovo at its Accelerate event in Orlando on Monday previewed “the world’s first foldable PC”. This foldable PC is from Lenovo’s Thinkpad series and it will be launched in 2020.  

Okay just to be clear foldable PC actually exits and we call them laptop but here in Lenovo’s prototype the actual screen itself will fold. It is a very early stage in development and it is expected that when it will actually launch it will not have problems like Galaxy Fold.

Specification of this Lenovo Foldable PC

This new foldable PC from Lenovo will have a 13.3 inch OLED screen with 2K resolution. When it folds, the width is reduced by 50{7612e6fcd35940926eef5d7bd8f0522b7c050df4dcd15667744be5e37897c111}, as you might be expected, and you get two 9.6-inch displays. This is a touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 4:3. It will also support pen input. It may have cellular support and it will charge over USB-C. We don’t about the battery yet but Lenovo promised a full day use.

world's first foldable pc from lenovo
The Foldable PC

With the help of torque hinge, it can be folded in various angle. whether you want to use it as a book, tablet with pen, video player or laptop in clamshell mode. It will come with a mechanical keyboard, so you can also use this foldable pc in Desktop Mode.

Lenovo has worked with Intel, Microsoft, and LG for several years to make this prototype. They confirmed that when it will launch in 2020, it will be powered by Intel CPUs and will run on Windows.

Lenovo has not released much information about this device. But we can expect that when it will come in 2020 it will have the latest Intel CPUs and will run on latest Windows version. You don’t about the price yet. But as you can expect this is a first gen product of its kinds, you will have to pay a premium price.

It is too soon to come to a conclusion. Time will tell whether this foldable PC from Lenovo will succeed or not. Nevertheless, it is a very ambitious and bold step from Lenovo to go after folding technology so quickly for larger devices than phones.

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