Microsoft And Oracle Are Linking Their Cloud Services

Microsoft and Oracle announce a partnering up together to link Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. It will connect both data center with the high-speed link so that the user can distribute workload between Azure and Oracle seamlessly.

This is an unusual kind of partnering up because both are competing in the same field that is cloud computing. But they both are partnering up to achieve the same goal that is to beat the dominance of Amazon AWS.

Right now Amazon is the biggest player in the cloud business. Currently, AWS is holding almost 50% of the market share. AWS is expanding almost at a 40% annual rate whereas the growth rate of Azure declined in the 1st quarter compared to the same time last year. Google and Ali Baba cloud are also expanding at a good rate. And Oracle Cloud doesn’t hold that much market share. In this situation, both Microsoft and Oracle are partnering up to become a market leader in the cloud business.  

But what this means for you as a customer. As a customer now you can use the best of both world. For example, you can run Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle JD Edwards on Azure while still using an Oracle database in the Oracle cloud. Microsoft still gets to run the workloads and Oracle gets to do what it does best.

“With Oracle’s enterprise expertise, this alliance is a natural choice for us as we help our joint customers accelerate the migration of enterprise applications and databases to the public cloud,”  said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and AI division.

“With this alliance, our joint customers can migrate their entire set of existing applications to the cloud without having to re-architect anything, preserving the large investments they have already made,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Studies show that nowadays companies prefer more than one cloud provider. So it can be beneficial for the customer who wants multi-cloud support in a simple way.

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