New Jio Disney+ Hotstar VIP Packs Launched, Everything You Need to Know

A few days back we have reported that Jio will be launching new packs bundled with Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual subscription. At that time we don’t have the information about the recharge packs. Right now we all the details about the packs that will offer you Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual subscription.

All the new plans at a galance.  

PriceValidityAvailable DataNon-Jio MinutesSMS
Rs 40128 days3 GB/day + 6GB1000 min100/day
Rs 2599365 days2 GB/day + 10 GB12000 min100/day
Rs 1208240 days30 GB / 30 days
Rs 1206180 days40 GB / 30 days
Rs 1004120 days50 GB / 30 days
Rs 612Existing
72 GB6000 min

Monthly and Annual Plan

Jio has introduced a new prepaid plan of Rs 401. The pack ships with 90GB of data for 28 days (3GB/day+6GB) and with 1000 non-Jio minutes and access to Jio apps. This pack will give you access to Jio Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for 1 year. 

If you prefer annual prepaid plans then you can consider the ₹2,599 pack to get the free Disney+ Hotstar subscription VIP for one year. This pack comes with 365 days of validity and 2GB data per day + 10GB of data. We will get 12000 non-Jio minutes. 

Data Add on Packs

You can get the free subscription through the combo-pack of data add-on vouchers. The Rs 1208 pack will give you 240 GB data for 240 days (30 GB per 30 days, no daily data cap). There is another pack of Rs 1206 which offers 240 GB for 180 days (40 GB per 30 days, no daily data cap). The Rs 1004 pack will offer you 200 GB data for 120 days (50 GB per 30 days, no daily data cap). There is also a Rs 612 pack that offers 72 GB data and validity of existing with 6000 non-Jio minutes. All of these packs will give access free annual subscription of Disney+ Hostar. 


One thing to remember packs that have validity less than 1 year still gives you access to Disney+ Hotstar for one year. But your Jio number needs to be active continuously throughout the 365-day duration of the subscription. This means if you recharge with any plan other than the Rs 2599 plan, you will need to ensure that you recharge your number with any pack so as to keep your number active for the entire 365-day duration. Else your Disney+ Hotstar subscription will lapse.

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