Next-Gen Google Assistant Is 10X Faster

Voice assistant always gives us a new way of how we interact with our devices. Google last year unveiled Google Duplex, that shows how powerful an assistant can be. A few days ago they introduced Calljoy for the small business owner. These are the example of the promising future of virtual assistant. In this year Google I/O, Google announced a whole new version of Google Assistant. This new Google Assistant will help you with many web-based tasks from booking a ticket to rent a car.

In an on-stage demo, Google shows how Google Assistant can be used to composing a message to a friend, attach pictures to it and sent it. It also can fill in your details on a website at the time of ticket booking or renting a car.

Google says that when people speak a command to its Assistant today, its servers need to dig through 100GB of data to understand what’s being asked. Now it’s shrinking that down to 500MB and putting it directly on a device, so anything you ask Google Assistant will soon be up to 10 times faster than before. Pichai explained. “Think of it as putting the power of a Google data center in your pocket.”

Soon you will be able to say “Let’s Drive” to automatically put your phone into the driving mode and get shortcuts to navigate to destinations Google already knows you have, like reservations at a restaurant.

Although this next-gen Google Assistant is not yet ready to use. It will be distributed to Pixel devices later this year. But Google did not mention when it will available to everyone.

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