Open AI Five Defeat Top Tier DOTA-2 Esports Team

Rising of the AI empire is continuing day by day. Open AI, Elon Musk’s AI research organization, trained their intelligent system to play Dota 2 and it has defeated the human side which included top-five Dota 2 pros from team OG which by the way won the coveted e-sports prize last year by winning the premier annual Dota 2 tournament Valve’s “The International”.

Open AI Five also showed that it can play alongside with human and learn their styles too. The first match lasted almost 30 mins and the Open AI won the match. In the second match, Open AI perform even better and finished the game in a little more than half the time it needed to win the first match. Open AI used aggressive and unconventional methods to clinch the victory. The game was played ‘Captain’s Draft’ mode, which lets each team strategically ban heroes to prevent the other team from selecting those characters before using a distinct picking order.

After reading all of this you think that you may defeat the Open AI. Then no problem you can too play with the Open AI Five. Open AI has started registrations for opportunities to challenge the AI (both in cooperative and versus modes) between April 18th at 9 PM Eastern and April 22nd at 2:59 AM Eastern.

Ultimately, Open Ai wants to take Dota 2 learning and expand them into the real world. Open AI still needs many things to learn. It relies on short-term strategies and Human are still better in long-term strategies. But still its a remarkable progress in the field of AI.

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