Oppo and Xiaomi Show Off Their Under-Display Selfie Cameras

From the last year, we have seen smartphone manufacturers trying new style and technology to achieve a full-screen body. From pop-up camera to punch hole camera to sliders to flipping camera, there have been multiple attempts to achieve the higher screen to body ratio. Even manufacturers like Nubia and Vivo secondary display to achieve the goal. Now, OPPO and Xiaomi have showcased a perfectly bezel-less smartphone display with the selfie camera completely cloaked under a fully functional display.

OPPO’s VP Brian Shen shared video on Weibo, stating that it is very difficult for under-screen cameras to produce the same quality of images compared to cameras outside of the display. “However, the realization of new technology is developed to perfection,” he added. The same video is also posted in OPPO’s official twitter handle. But there is no word when this tech will available in OPPO’s devices.

Meantime Xiaomi also posted a video with their concept of under-display selfie camera to stop OPPO from stealing the limelight. The company’s president, Lin Bin, shared a video clip that was allegedly shot last month, in which an under-screen camera was added to a Mi 9 prototype. But Xiaomi also has not given any date when the device will be available in the market.

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