Poland Launched Selfie App To Keep Track Of Quarantined People

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the normal life of people throughout the world has disrupted. Many countries have gone to full lockdown. Poland’s government has made it mandatory for people returning from abroad to quarantine themself for 14 days to stop the spread of coronavirus. To track these people Poland’s government has created an app through which quarantined people have to take selfies to prove they are at home. 

As per reports, Poland’s digital ministry spokesman, Karol Many said that citizens have two choices, either receive unexpected visits from the police or download the app and send selfies. After failing to respond to the selfie request within 20 minutes, the police will be notified. However, the purpose of the app isn’t just to punish the citizens who flee quarantine. It also helps to connect with social services or request help with urgent supplies.

The app reportedly uses geolocation data and facial recognition to track quarantined people’s locations. Poland along with other countries are taking many drastic measures to stop the spread of coronavirus which has hit Europe worst.

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