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Rumors Surrounding EVGA’s Future: Is the PC Part Manufacturer in Trouble?

Rumors Surrounding EVGA's Future: Is the PC Part Manufacturer in Trouble?

EVGA, a renowned PC part manufacturer, faces rumors and speculation regarding its future. Reports emerged on a Korean Coolenjoy forum suggesting that the company’s headquarters in Taiwan had closed, leading to concerns about its stability. EVGA has since denied these rumors, but doubts still linger among industry observers. This article explores the details surrounding EVGA’s situation, examining the potential impact on its business and the concerns of its loyal customer base.

EVGA’s Recent History:

Last year, EVGA surprised the hardware world by withdrawing from the graphics card market, citing differences with Nvidia, its long-standing partner. The company had been a prominent player in the graphics card industry for nearly 25 years, deciding to exit a significant event. In addition to graphics cards and motherboards, EVGA had diversified its product offerings to include power supplies, peripherals, capture devices, and liquid coolers. However, graphics cards remained its primary revenue source, making the transition from this segment a critical challenge.

The Rumors and EVGA’s Response:

The rumors of EVGA’s potential closure began when reports circulated that personnel from the Taiwan office, including renowned overclocker Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido, had resigned. EVGA’s official statement, provided to TechPowerUp, refuted these rumors and confirmed that its Taiwan office was still operational and Lucido was still part of the team. However, EVGA’s response needed to provide clear direction regarding the company’s future plans, leaving many customers concerned about their EVGA products’ warranty support and long-term viability.

Signs of Trouble and Uncertainty:

Several factors have contributed to the uncertainty surrounding EVGA’s future. The departure of Jacob Freeman, a key member of EVGA’s staff and the public face of the company for 17 years, raised eyebrows within the industry. Freeman’s move to Nvidia further fueled speculation about EVGA’s stability. Additionally, an interview with Vince Lucido, in which he mentioned no upcoming EVGA projects, suggested the possibility of the company dissolving its BIOS team. While EVGA’s statement confirmed Lucido’s continued involvement, it failed to clarify the status of the remaining BIOS engineering team.

Implications for EVGA’s Business:

EVGA’s decision to withdraw from the graphics card market and the potential closure of its motherboard business raises questions about the company’s viability. EVGA limited its market reach by focusing solely on high-end gear for a single platform, catering primarily to extreme overclockers and enthusiasts. While this strategy allowed EVGA to understand its niche market better than any other company, it also meant higher price tags that discouraged some potential customers. Suggestions for EVGA to introduce more reasonably priced motherboards have yet to be answered, highlighting the company’s commitment to its exclusive, high-end approach.

Future Prospects and Concerns:

If EVGA exits the motherboard market, it may redirect its focus toward its power supply unit (PSU) line, which has received positive reviews and remains a strong seller. However, doubts persist regarding whether the PSU business alone can sustain the company in the long run. EVGA’s loyal customer base, many of whom still possess warranties on their graphics cards, motherboards, or power supplies, eagerly awaits more clarity about the company’s plans.


While EVGA has denied the rumors of its closure, the uncertainty surrounding the company’s future persists. The decision to withdraw from the graphics card market, reports of staff departures, and the potential shuttering of its motherboard business have raised concerns about EVGA’s stability. As the company navigates these challenging times, its loyal customers hope for clear communication regarding future plans and continued support for their EVGA products.


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