Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Leaked Through FCC Filings

We have not seen Galaxy Home in the market yet. But that doesn’t stop Samsung from working on the other version of Samsung Galaxy Home. A smaller version of Galaxy Home is spotted in FCC filings on Tuesday. This new version of AI speaker is smaller than the Galaxy Home with no legs. It is going to be thinner and cheaper than the original one.

We don’t know much about this mini version of Galaxy Home. FCC keep most photos of the device and the user manual confidential for six months as Samsung requested. The ‘mini’ will have Bluetooth 4.2, which is disappointing for Bluetooth 5.0 lovers. It is very likely will be powered by Bixby. The Samsung Galaxy Home mini will use micro USB instead of USB-C which is somewhat disappointing. At the top, the Galaxy mini has volume buttons, a power button, and an AKG label.

This is a well thought strategic move from Samsung. As the rival Amazon and Google, both have their small version AI speaker. There is no pricing information available about Samsung Galaxy Home or the mini version. But as both the tiny Echo Dot and Google Home Mini retail for $50, you may expect the price somewhere in that range.

There is no confirmation about when the Samsung Galaxy Home or the Samsung Galaxy Home mini will launch. Samsung promised Galaxy Home will release the first half of the year but they already missed the April launch date. The AI speaker market is already crowded. This is no surprise that Samsung wants to try all version for the big market share. But Samsung should at least release the announced product then they should consider the follow up one.

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