Samsung to Follow Apple’s Path, Will Ditch Included Charger

Over the years we have seen that whenever Apple does something the whole smartphone industry follows them sooner or later. We have seen this trend in ditching 3.5mm headphone jack. So when the report immerges that Apple will not include a charger in the box I knew that the Android ecosystem will also do that very soon. And I was right, a new report claims that Samsung will also not include any charger for their flagship phone from next year. 

The reasons behind Samsung’s thinking are pretty much the same as Apple’s. Removing a charger from the box will enable Samsung to save a lot of money. Details of the timing and method have not been confirmed, but Samsung is expected to exclude the charger from some models to be released next year.

Now, will this lead to the cheaper pricing of your phone? I would say probably not but Samsung and Apple will probably think twice before raising the price of their next flagship compare to the current one. 

Now you may say that you already have three or four chargers in your home so you don’t need to buy another one. But everyone may not like you. I am sure some people will like to pay $50 more to include the charger in the box. 

Finally, I would say that removing the charger from the box will initially bring some unhappiness to the customer. But just like the 3.5mm headphone jack removal, it will also become a norm for future smartphones. Meanwhile, a third-party charger manufacturer will surely be happy with this decision.

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