SoftBank is Exploring Possibilities of Selling Chip Designer ARM

If you are using any modern smartphone then your phone’s SoC is designed by ARM. Now SoftBank, the owner of ARM, is exploring possibilities to sell partial or full part of ARM. SoftBank acquired ARM back in 2016 for $31 billion in order to expand on the internet of things market. 

From Qualcomm to Mediatek to Huawei to Apple everyone uses ARM design to create their chips. Upcoming MacBook with Apple’s own chip will also use the ARM design. Apple has licensed technology from Arm Holdings for its A-series chips used in iPhones since 2006. 

SoftBank is working with Goldman Sachs Group as an advisor, and the explorations are at an early stage. The Wall Street Journal says that it’s unknown how much interest there would be in Arm from financial or industry players, so there’s a chance that SoftBank will ultimately do nothing.

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