Twitter Deactivated Amul’s Account For ‘Exit China’ Post, Restores Later

Micro-blogging site Twitter temporarily restricted the official handle of Indian dairy major Amul. It is suspected that twitter did this because of Amul’s latest creative on the anti-china sentiment in India. 

In the creative, we can see a cartoon featuring its mascot “Amul girl” with the caption “Exit the Dragon?”  It showed the Amul girl in confrontation with a dragon. Behind the dragon, a logo of the Chinese video-sharing platform, TikTok can also be seen. This post signifies the Chinese troops entering in Indian territory. 

The ongoing standoff between Indian army and the Chinese army in Ladakh has sparked an anti-china sentiment in India. People have taken the social media platform to urge people to boycott Chinese goods. Amul is known for its creatives on global and local topics that made headlines. And this time too they have done the same. 

Although twitter has given other explanations about why they deactivated Amul’s account. They have stated that the action was taken for the safety and security of the Amul account. Although Twitter latter restores the account and also restore the post.

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