UK Asks Japan for the Alternative of Huawei 5G Technology

A few days ago the British government has decided to ban Huawei from supplying 5G technology to the UK. The British government has asked Japan for help in creating its 5G wireless networks. The latest report comes from Nikkei. 

According to Nikkei Bratian official named two Japanese companies NEC and Fujitsu to replace Huawei as the supplier for 5G technology. The UK officials have also asked for the Japanese side’s support to enhance the network’s technology and cost-efficiency.

The Nikkei said the latest move reflects Britain’s effort to bring in new equipment suppliers to foster competition and help reduce costs for the country’s wireless carriers. The Japanese government has already decided to invest 70 billion yen ($654 million) to support companies such as NEC to develop base station equipment and backbone networks. 

Currently, Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia control 80% market share of 5G equipment supply. While NEC and Fujitsu control less than 1%. But if NEC and Fujitsu can meet the UK standard for G equipment then sure they can raise their market share in the coming days.

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