UK Government Started Accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay

Online government services in the UK have started accepting Google Pay and Apple Pay.  Citizens can use Google Pay or Apple Pay for four services such as country’s Global Entry Service, basic online disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks, the Registered Traveller Service and the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) service.

“Allowing people to pay for Government services through Apple Pay and Google Pay means they won’t have to enter their credit or debit card information when making payments,” said Till Wirth, lead product manager of Pay. “This innovation will increase the convenience and security of Pay for users and hopefully make their experience online a lot easier.”

Apple Pay launched in the UK in 2015 with the support of eight participating banks. Whereas the online payment system launched in 2016 with support for credit card and debit card. Since then the then government has been slowly adopting various payment system and underlying technology.

Let’s be honest this may be not a big achievement. But hey, government services are accepting newer technology, it is still rare in government regardless of where you live

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