US Justice Department Plans To Investigate Google For Antitrust Violations

This is not the first time when Google is under the radar of an investigation agency. Last year EU fined $5 billion to Google for an antitrust violation. After that Google changed how it packaged search applications and browser choices on Android devices sold in the EU. Now the US Department of Justice has been preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against tech giant Google.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s antitrust task force will be handling this case with DoJ. Back in 2012 FTC charged $22.5 million for the use of tracking cookies that bypassed Apple Safari’s default privacy settings and, as a result, served targeted advertisements.

According to The New York Times, investigators are looking into Google’s “advertising practices and influence in the online advertising industry.” Many of Google’s products allow the company to collect an enormous amount of data which is often used for targeted ads. Additionally, that much data allow Google to be upper handed than the competition.

Google’s monopoly in the market can be easily observed by the fact that they ban Huawei from the Android program. Not just only Google, other big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook is also under the scrutiny from Govt.

Via- The Verge

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