Your Huawei Device May Not Get Android Update in Future

End of Android update for Huawei Device...

Trump administration is making it even harder for Huawei. US government on Monday announced further restrictions on Huawei to prevent the Chinese telecom giant from accessing technology produced by US companies. The temporary license that was given to Huawei for doing limited business with US company lapsed on August 13th. Now the US government will not extend the license. 

The temporary licensee was given to Huawei to allow some time for US telecom operators, especially in rural areas to figure out a Huawei alternative. This also allowed Google to provide software updates and security patches to the older Huawei phones. 

How it may affect you?

Without the temporary license, Google will not be able to provide updates to the Huawei devices. Which includes the Android update, security patches, and Google Apps update. If your Huawei device is released before May 2019 then you will be affected. Because after May 2019 all the Huawei devices released, uses an open-source version of Android, and receive updates directly from Huawei, not Google. 

The US government’s decision to ban Huawei and restrict business with US companies has created a difficult situation for Huawei. Huawei will be closing their Chip making business due to this decision. Huawei also banned in other countries too where they can’t provide equipment for 5G rollout.

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