YouTube Plans To Encounter TikTok With Video ‘Shorts’

One can’t deny the rise of short video sharing platform. Despite many controversies, TikTok isn’t slowing down. That’s why the World’s biggest video platform YouTube has decided to rival TikTok by releasing ‘Shorts’ by the end of the year. 

‘Shorts’ will be a feature inside the existing mobile app. It will be a feed of user-posted short videos. Users can take advantage of the YouTube licensed catalog of music and song which can be used as the soundtrack for the videos. 

Well, this is not the first time when YouTube has copied (read as inspired) from other social media platform’s features. It has brought Snapchat or Instagram like story features on the YouTube platform. But by far it is one of the most aggressive steps to bring a whole new platform into YouTube and it is also the biggest step by any Silicon Valley tech company to tackle TikTok. YouTube fears that it will lose viewers to TikTok who like minute long video than a longer video. But the biggest battle will be to convince people that YouTube is better than TikTok in shorter video format.

Via- Theinformation

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